Our vision

Empowering companies and personal brands on social media.

Our Mission

Learning that brings complex issues down to a level at which we all can join in. The key points of theory, empiricism and vast research are boiled down into operational step-by-step guides, thus turning learning into transformation in the real world.

For example, we never use books at our courses and training. The instructors have read them and can therefore spare the course participants’ time by merely passing on the highlights. Deadly dull PowerPoint presentations are not a big hit at Bigum&Co’s either. Learning must be encouraging, energizing and inspirational.

Since 2012, Bigum&Co has been the frontrunner in upskilling and educating with regard to social media, branding and content marketing.


About Thomas Bigum

Meet Thomas Bigum, a social media, branding and positioning expert.

Thomas is on a mission. A mission to change your mindset, in order to strengthen your personal brand. Or to make your business available to an increasing number of customers online.

Since 2010, Thomas has been the professional Danish lighthouse within social media and digital trends.

When you meet Thomas, you will immediately sense his passion for social media and the development of the Internet. A contagious passion that gives you the desire to dive further down into these subjects.

Thomas is an extremely sought-after lecturer and advisor who has helped thousands of executives and businesses branding and positioning themselves on social media. In addition, Thomas is a constituent part of the Danish media, frequently appearing on TV, the radio and in the written press whenever a new phenomenon turns up on the social media arena.